Tatsumi Hijikata had been opposed to the dance world of postwar Japan.
Japanese dance world for him was a relic of the past and a mockery of the west.
He was actually a member of the Institute of Comtemporary Dance Association.
He had appeared in the fact that the organization's rookie dance performance.
In addition, he had a question to that organization.
Then approached to his own dance.
It was at the beginning of " butoh ".
His dance was based on the inner energy to excite the audience, interms of some,
close to the theater can be said.
This butoh was not intented to mean that the exclusion of western dance,at the time that the current state of dance and opposition to the semblance of that imported western dance was the purpose.
Butoh greeted the climax in the 1960's and throughout the world and in Japan,
so become one of the great movement of social conflict.
But an aside, it began to be called as butoh, after his disciples was performing overseas.
Before that their dances was called " Ankoku Butoh ".

Tatsumi Hijikata formed " Hakutoubou company " starring Yoko Ashikawa in 1774.
Initially, it began the continuos performances at Shinjuku Art Village.
At third performance, there was not able to use Art Village becouse of fire,
so he redecorate his studio and residance in Meguro and they used there as
Asubesuto Hall.
This continuos performances finished as " Geisenjyouno Okugata" last.
His choreography and her dance produced a maximum period of " Ankoku Butoh ".

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